Cerro Tinajita

Cerro Tinajita

Two weeks ago, I went for a hike with new friends to see that really nice site. Cerro Tinajita de San Ramón. In raining season usually it’s cloudy up in this mountains. But that didn’t even impact the experience in a negative way. The clouds evoked a magic mood and thereby spawned this dreamy scenery

Cerro Pelado

Hiking Cerro Pelado was definitely one of the nicest hikes so far I did in Costa Rica. Compared to trips like Cerro Chirripó, that one is quite easy to achieve. That’s good since it’s easier to concentrate on photography. We started around 3.30 AM to catch some stars and later be there on the top

Hiking Cruz de Alajuelita in dry season

Cruz de Alajuelita in Dry Season

After hiking Cruz de Alajuelita in rainy season I was quite curious to return there during dry season. In fact that up there at 2000 meters above sea level there is never really a “dry season”. The climate at this altitude is all year around kind of wet and green. Anyway one does not need

Hiking Cruz de Alajuelita in rainy season

Cruz de Alajuelita in Rainy Season

Why I love rainy season in Costa Rica? Definitely not, when I have to go to the center of San José in the afternoon, to organize something and suddenly it starts to “rain cats and dogs”, as they say here. But indeed it can have its sugar candy sides. For example when you start early



During my residence in Hallein Austria I enjoyed climbing the mountains in my neighbourhood. The Barmsteine are a formation of two huge rocks between the borders of Germany and Austria. You may also be interested in seeing some photography from costa-rican mountains…