‘einausblick’ is a socially sustainable project in the field of media art, which combines intercultural communication with art context. As part of my Master’s project at Fachhochschule Salzburg, I supported the project Puravida Skateboarding in Costa Rica with media workshops, together with Hanne Geldreich, Moritz König, Bernhard Leitner and Andreas Nagl. Together with the youngsters in San Isidro de el General, we realized photo series, skatevideos and a drum workshop. The project culminated in a multi-day art exhibition in Hallein, dealing with the experience of foreign cultures. An interactive audiovisual 360° installation, a documentary about our work on site and all the workshows of the youths were thematically arranged in 5 rooms, which let the visitors experience the intercultural experience.

See the full documentary about our work on youtube. The German language report is entirely available with English and Spanish subtitles.

My participation in this project includes concept, design and implementation of the workshops on location, photo- & videography (documentary & 360° video), audio recording, color grading, planning and programming the interaction and real-time sound-spatialization of the 360° room installation.

The 360° installation was realized with the footage recorded by 4 GoPro’s and a 4 channel fieldrecorder. The recorded audio was later realtime-processed and spacialized into a interactive 8.1 mix using vector based amplitude panning (VBAP). I realized the complex controls and communication by implementing Ableton4Live & MaxMSP patches, to communicate via OSC over a local Network in between the 3 computers, which were used to Playback the video and sound.

Since I decided to move to Costa Rica, I continuously keep in touch with the project by supporting them with event photography. See the project’s facebook page for more visual impressions.