The sound performance installation “spectrophon” deals with the acoustic representation of light pulses. The visitor is invited to shape and modify a real-time musical score by the use of different light sources, which could also be brought along by themselves. A turntable plays a central role as a rhythm instrument. However, the exhibit also offers the opportunity to discover various non-repetetive forms of rhythmic creation. The interactive sound sculpture lives by participation and leads the visitor into a contrasting visual sound-world.

Technically spoken, the applied light sources act directly as acoustic oscillators. The pulse used by them is instantaneously converted by the sensors into an electronic voltage, which is transmitted to a computer via an audio interface and output on loudspeakers.

The video above shows a spontaneous freestyle performance between me and Moritz K├Ânig (aka. Dezibel), who also helped me developing the concept and in the building process of the sensors.

This project was inspired and supported by the Vienna-based artist noid aka. Arnold Haberl.