Hiking Cruz de Alajuelita in dry season

After hiking Cruz de Alajuelita in rainy season I was quite curious to return there during dry season. In fact that up there at 2000 meters above sea level there is never really a “dry season”. The climate at this altitude is all year around kind of wet and green. Anyway one does not need to expect a lot of rain. Moreover we found a clearer view, so I could take some shots down to the city of San José and capture my neighbourhood from above.

I also used this opportunity to document my friend Arthur a bit while taking pictures with his analog cameras.


About hiking Cruz de Alajuelita

As I mentioned in my previous post about la Cruz more detailled, one should take some precautions if hiking there. Check it out, to know why. In that article you can also find a GPS map with the circular route we figured out.

If you like those shots, maybe our trip to Cerro Pelado during dry season could also interest you.